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car share New Swift Commute Forum. Feel free to use the forum to ask questions about car pooling or ridesharing in the United States, express your opinion on city traffic, or even spread relevant information regarding traffic issues anywhere in the United States .

Using the Swift Commute Forum will ensure your message will reach a greater number of people. That way you may benefit from the knowledge of many people across America and the discussions can be beneficial to all. Click here to enter the Swift Commute Forum.

Welcome to Swift Commute
The home of car pooling in the United States

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SwiftCommute.com is a FREE US based car pooling service developed to help the commuters of America to come together and share their journey to and from work.

It's FREE to register for Swift Commute car sharing and only takes less than a minute to do. Registered users can create a travel profile made up of their living and working locations in the United States by way of our interactive maps. Living and working locations are selected easily by using our unique drag and drop actions on the interactive map.

As a registered commuter with a travel profile you can leave the the matching to Swift Commute. Registered members will automatically be matched together based on living and working locations and travel profile information. Your personal details remain personal until such time as you want to disclose them to a fellow commuter.

Our car sharing service is also available to non-car owners in the United States. Non-car owners will be automatically matched with car owners with similar personal preferences and similar living and working locations.

If you do own a car why not join in and share lifts to and from work. You have the chance to possibly cut your emissions by half whilst taking traffic off the roads and getting to work more quickly.

Swift Commuting with Car Sharing in 3 easy steps

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Share lifts on the way to work. Our unique car pooling system will match members together automatically with similar demographic preferences and travel profile information all across the United States.
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Create your own travel profile using our interactive map which covers all areas of the United States. Our unique travel profile wizard allows selection of living and working locations with simple drag and drop actions.
Swift Commute - register for car sharing


It's FREE to register for Swift Commute car sharing and only takes less than a minute to do. Join the car pooling community and help ease your traffic problems by simply completing our online registration form.